ICR Christms Dinner

Friday, December 9, 2011 - 20:00

A Chairde,

We invite you to join us at our annual Christmas dinner!!

Date: Friday, December 9th at 8pm
Location: Ristorante L’Archeologia, Via Appia Antica, 139.
Price: 45 euro per person (mouth watering 3 course meal including Wine and Prosecco)

Enter into the Christmas spirit by celebrating along with friendly faces from the Irish Community in Rome while enjoying a Prosecco Aperitivo before settling down to a delicious menu all in the beautiful cosy, fire light and very Christmassy surroundings of the Ristorante L’Archeologia!

And the festivities don’t end there, take part in the raffle for an Irish themed hamper, while pulling a few Christmas crackers, enjoying some mince pies and listening to all your favourite classic carols.

Spaces are limited this year so RSVP to irishclubofrome@gmail.com and we will provide details as to how you can make your payment in advance to confirm your booking... (first come first served so be sure to RSVP!)

See you there,

The Irish Club Committee


Enter into the Christmas spirit by celebrating along with friendly faces from the Irish Community in Rome while enjoying a Prosecco Aperitivo before settling down to a delicious menu all in the beautiful cosy, fire light and very Christmassy surroundings of the Ristorante L’Archeologia!


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Enter into the Christmas spirit by celebrating along with friendly faces from the Irish Community in Rome while enjoying a Prosecco Aperitivo before settling down to a delicious menu all in the beautiful cosy, fire light and very Christmassy surroundings of the Ristorante L’Archeologia!


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And the festivities don’t end there, take part in the raffle for an Irish themed hamper, while pulling a few Christmas crackers, enjoying some mince pies and listening to all your favourite classic carols.


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